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Uma honra poder ser um dos primeiros músicos (e luthier 😝) do Brasil a experimentar a nova corda revestida D'Addario XT. A qualidade D'Addario já é reconhecida internacionalmente, mas sempre tive ressalvas no uso de cordas revestidas por conta do timbre. A D'Addario promete com a #daddariox juntar o útil (durabilidade) e agradável (timbre) neste novo modelo. Bora testar?! 

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Miguel De Laet

has more than 20 years of experience in the development of plucked musical instruments, working in companies both in Brazil and abroad.

He attended the first classes of B&H Escola de Luteria, he holds a bachelor's degree in music and a specialist in Market & Advertising from Universidade de São Paulo - USP (Brazil).
De Laet is currently specializes in the recognized Conservatório Dramático e Musical Carlos de Campos de Tatuí (Brazil) where he's learning techniques for the construction of bowed musical instruments  based in the cremonese lutherie method for ancient and modern instruments with Vinicius Fachinetti and

Vlamir Devanei Ramos. 


Surname of vlaanderen origin, DeLaet becomes a recognized musical brand in South America. Our guitars and violins are handcrafted by Miguel De Laet, luthier with large experience in the development of projects in the musical instruments industry. 


Our guitars have been winning the specialized critique, having featured in major media outlets such as Total Guitar magazine, where received the "Best Buy" award in 2016*.


More than offering musical instruments with a high quality standard, DeLaet is committed to exceeding expectations, so that the musicians can express their art, either by the incredible sonority or by the charming visual of DeLaet musical instruments Golden Ratio based.





Develop, produce and market high-quality products and services with a charming and fun design that exceed the expectations of its consumers.




Be a "concept" brand inspiring people through the charming and fun DeLaet lifestyle with innovative and unique solutions.





The restless and pioneering spirit is present in the brand and its consumers. DeLaet retains the joviality.



Inspired by the classics while presenting the features of her own charming and fun identity.



The Mediterranean lifestyle and the Golden Ratio design offer the basis of the simplicity of the DeLaet brand without giving up excellence.

An invitation to the best of life: "Let's Play, Folks!"




* DeLaet model Julie Spicy received the "Best Buy" award from Total Guitar Brasil magazine in the May / 2016 issue.